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Parrot UNIKA Steering Wheel Control for MKI

Parrot UNIKA is an installable interface that connects your vehicle’s steering wheel controls to any hands-free system in the Parrot MKi series, putting all the features of your Parrot hands-free system within easy reach, whatever the circumstances.


Features as follows: 

  • Smartphone mirroring interface; mirror your smartphone on your original factory fitted screen.
  • Access all features of your smartphone while on the move 
  • Full screen display of all Apps 
  • Use with a range of apps that are specifically designed for in-car use
  • Compatible with all of the latest  Android/iOS smartphones such as iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5
  • Selectable resolution setting for screen size of either 800*400 or 480*234
  • 5V Micro USB port for Charging any mobile device
  • Connections:  HDMI Input, Audio Out (For connecting to the vehicles Aux in) Video Out (for rear entertainment seats), RGBS in (Connect to interface), RCA AV Input connection.
  • Includes remote control for configuring settings and initial setup. 

Package Includes: 

  • SmartMirror Interface

  • AV in and AV out cable

  • RGBS Cable

  • Power Cable

  • Remote Eye extension 

  • Remote Control

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