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Car Bluetooth Handsfree

The government from 2003 introduced a new law stating that it would be illegal to use a hand held mobile phone while driving a vehicle. Breaking this law will leave you with a £60 fine and 3 points on your license.  The maximum fine in court however is £1000 for a car and £2500 for anyone driving a bus or goods vehicle. Naturally, car manufacturers have offered handsfree Bluetooth car kits as a factory fit option to allow the driver to stay legal while on the road, but what if your car does not have Bluetooth? A Car Bluetooth Handsfree kit is the solution. Bluetooth car kits are the easiest way of integrating your phone calls with your car stereo!

Many Bluetooth car kits work by simply sitting between your car stereo and your speakers. When in use, they mute the car stereo, while still allowing the phone calls audio to come through the factory speakers. These Bluetooth car kits also offer more than just handsfree capabilities such as A2DP wireless streaming of music, and allowing older cars to have an AUX adapter, iPod integration, as well as allowing the user to play music from USB flash drives and SD memory cards, so having your personal library with you has never been easier!

Bluetooth stereos is often seen as being the easiest way of upgrading, not only are you adding the convenience and safety of Bluetooth connectivity, but many units also offer direct iPod control as well, which means you can connect your iPod to the factory stereo, listen to your music, control it from the stereo and also charge the iPod! Upgrading the stereo also give you the option of picking a shiny all singing and dancing top of the range double din with satellite navigation, all from one unit!

There are many cars that offer Bluetooth preparation from factory, essentially all the gear minus the actual Bluetooth adaptor. For certain applications, all that is necessary is the Bluetooth adaptor and then the vehicle will have Bluetooth connectivity! Perfect for those not wishing to have anything at all on display and keeping everything completely factory looking!

If you want to stay legal while being on the phone and driving, then you definitely need to upgrade your car to have Bluetooth handsfree capabilities and with so many different variants and options from discrete kits to stereo changes, there is a solution to meet all needs!

Car Bluetooth Handsfree

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